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Its always nice to hear good feedback here at CDM MOTOR WORKS we  enjoy building  a relationship with our customers below are just a few comments as this site was being published 

BMW   Shaking steering wheel!

“It was a Saturday Afternoon  & I was driving back form a Rugby much when I became are that the steering wheel was  Shaking at 60 MPH. As soon as I got home I sent Chris a Text asking him what his intimal thoughts were. Chris came back  almost straight  away With a possible diagnosis of Wheel balance!. he told me he had a slot on the Monday & would pick the car up & get it sorted!. Turns out break calliper had failed Chris replaced tested & the car was waiting for me when I got home !!  God only knows what BMW would have charged MR R form DA14

BMW 2003 Convertible  post purchase Inspection

So the suns out  I’ve purchased an Older BMW E46 Convertible !!” I get the car home & I’m told by the boss to get the car checked out as the children would be in it. Chris picks the car up  takes it away  & before long  I’ve had an Inspection done  & there is nothing nasty  but 1 of the alloys was buckled and some new Tyres for the rear  were needed a week later   and an ebay  purchase of the ALLOYS  & 2 new Tyres  Chris takes the car off again MOT/ Alloys on Tyres on  happy wife !!  Darren DA1

Mercedes  C Class  (54) Plate  Service & Tyres

HI Chris just wanted to Say thanks for sorting the Merc out. I’ve been paying  the Extended  warranty to Mercedes for years  its really good to finally find a mechanic that actually has the  enthusiasm  to work on all makes of cars Phil DA15

MINI 2009  Service

 Just wanted to say that Chris was recommended to me by a friend a couple of weeks ago. I’d always been wary of  Mechanics  and the sharp intake of breath when you describe what the problems. Chris on the other hand took the time to speak to me on the phone  & suggested a few things that could be wrong. In the end the car need a good service as it had been stood for a long time.  Sandie  DA15